by Sudarshan Sapkota

Are you new to Canada and missing Nepal? If so, you must attend the Himalayan Mela. The Nepalese Canadian Community Service (NCCS) is a non-profit organization best known for hosting the Himalayan Mela. This program originated in 2005 by a few Nepali members who wanted to showcase the rich and vibrant Nepali culture through music, dance, and cultural performances. Over the years, this festival has brought thousands of people together, strengthening the Nepali community in North America. 

Increasing popularity of the event has made the NCCS team a leader in disseminating the Nepali culture in Canada and the Himalayan Mela is at the forefront of Nepali cultural influences. The Himalayan Mela has received recognition from the Canadian government for its enriching and inspiring cultural performances. The NCCS team invites famous celebrities from Nepal to perform and inspire the youth to learn about Nepal and its traditions. 

For a complete cultural extravaganza, there are many vendors at the venue selling various unique Nepalese street foods. You can find momos served with savory tomato chutney. Also, do not forget to try the sel roti, a deep fried dessert delicacy. 

The event is normally held in August, please stay in tune with the NCCS website for updates and more information. We hope to see you there!

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