NCCS provides different kinds of services as it aims to serve both new as well as already settled immigrant residing in the GTA and beyond. Further, some of the services could be based on the need of the community members. In general NCCS offers following services:

1. Entertainment packages:
The packages include program such as New Year Celebration, Dashain Celebration and Himalayan Mela. These programs are full of live concert from the artists of the GTA and beyond.

2. Professional development packages
These packages specially aim at expanding employment opportunities as well as carrier development programs to the new comers and old immigrants of Nepali origin. For this purpose, NCCS has entered into partnership with the organizations such as TRIEC, PINs and JVS Toronto for mentoring programs.

3. Others
Besides the above mentioned packages, NCCS has also offered and will be offering different kinds of services depending upon the need of the community. Financial assistance offered to the sick community member or funeral purpose, teaming up with other organizations including NRN Canada etc are a few examples of services that NCCS has been offering.

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