1. Main objective

To facilitate the integration of Nepalese in Toronto, in Canadian society and to foster the retention and development of their cultural heritage within the framework of multiculturalism. 

2. Settlement 

To facilitate and assist in the resettlement of newly arriving Nepalese and the adaptation of those residing in Toronto and the surrounding areas by: 

2.1 Assisting new immigrants in their initial settlement by providing orientation services and information on housing, education, health care, job and business opportunities, legal aid and other services.
2.2 Maintaining liaison with relevant public and private agencies, Local, Provincial and Federal organizations to promote the flow of information and services.
2.3 Encouraging and promoting individual and community development initiatives by providing support in terms of facilitation with private and public institutions and giving technical advice. 

3. Communication: 

To act as a medium of communication between all residents of Nepalese origin by: 

3.1 Maintaining and yearly upgrade a data bank containing names, postal addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of Nepalese living in Canada. 
3.2 Create a hard copy of item (2) and mail to all relevant addresses in the beginning of each year. 
3.3 Distribute a monthly newsletter and quarterly publications to circulate Nepalese community news. 
3.4. Emergency 
Render help to Nepalese living in Canada in times of emergency. 
3.5 Promotion of Aims
To promote, encourage and undertake projects and activities which will further the aims and activities of NCCS. 

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