Nepali New Year 2075

Nepali New Year is an official public holiday in Nepal, which is celebrated with parades, feasts, and family reunions. Since this day is seen as a deeply religious holiday, various religious rites and a hope for blessings in the year ahead are a big part of the holiday’s meaning.

The New Year is celebrated by the Nepali people and is also known as Navavarsha is a religious holiday celebrated with great significance and is observed with deep respect and devotion. 
The celebration of the Nepali New Year comes with joyful activities that include street dances, parades and reunions. The occasion has always been enthusiastically participated and fully funded by the organizations and individuals.

The Navavarsha usually falls during the 2nd week of April which is considered by the Nepalese as the first day of Baisakh, the first month of the Bikram Sambat calendar. It’s a time of the year where the entire country rejoices with colorful ornaments and social activities as we welcome the New Year.

Namaste and Greetings to all Life/General members, Advisors and Coordinators of NCCS Canada, and all Representatives, Volunteers, Media persons, Community members and Well wishers from different Nepalese Community Organization on the occassion of this New Year 2075 BS.

During this event NCCS (Nepalese Canadian Commuity Services),a not for profit organization for Nepalese community in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has decided to organize a celebration program, in coordination with NRNA-Canada, with the hopes of having a lot of blessings and prosperity as we face the New Year.

We would sincerely like to request you to participate,support and coordinate with all your friends and families to join us.
Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.

Our Main Event:  Greetings Exchange and Interaction within all Nepalese Canadian communities and families.

Town Hall, 5 Massey Square, Toronto, ON M4C 5M9

April 14, 2018 /  1:30PM - 5:30PM

Free upto 100 Vehicles

Free / Light Refreshment

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